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Forgive me if this not the right place to ask. can anyone explain to me because im bit confuse, why high model NGFW overall bit better than ultra high model? i mean like firewall throughput seems high model bit better than ultra high model. is there any specific advantage in ultra high model?


i need to know more about fortinet, if somebody can explain or give me some source i really appreciate ( already did some research before, but doesnt feel enough). my company want me to learn more about fortinet, i hope i can get more information in this forum


thankyou very much.



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Hi guys


I upgraded a HA cluster over the weekend of Fortinet 600D firewalls. I was upgrading in three steps as below:


Step 1 - Upgrade from 5.4.11 to 5.6.11

Step 2 - Upgrade from 5.6.11 to 6.0.9

Step 3 - Upgrade from 6.0.9 to 6.2.4


The first two steps went very smoothly, but the final step involved a messy reboot after both nodes were upgraded. During the cluster reboot, I lost all connectivity and was contemplating getting remote hands involved. After around 10 minutes, the device thankfully came back online.


Is this normal? Should I be wary of using version 6.2.4?


Many thanks


Hi xvestor,


Not sure what you mean by your post.  The datasheets are pretty good sources of info. I assume that's what you're looking at?  Can you be more specific?


It's possible you're comparing apples and oranges too.  The various models (60/100/600/1500) have various iterations of hardware (D,E,F) and generally you'll find that comparing D models to D models the sizing makes sense, but yes, a lower end E model may exceed the specs of a higher end D model.  When the D model is refreshed, it will be back to what you might expect.


Someone may be able to explain that better, but maybe that answers your question.  - Daniel


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