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Fortinet 432F Install with Directional Attenna



I am currently installing some Fortinet 432s. I have Fortinet directional attennas on order but the lead times around 6months, in the meantime I have some Ubiquiti (UMA-D) directionals and Meraki Directionals (MA-ANT-27) that I may use to provide some of the coverage until the Fortinet directionals arrive. 


Will they be compatible with the 432F? (I know I will have to get an N type cable to Male Coax lead for the UMA-D)

If they are compatible which terminals on the 432 should I link them to? 


Any advice on this would be really appreciated,



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I do not think either of those will work.  Those antennas are only 2x2 antennas while the FAP-432F is a 4x4 AP.  




Thanks, I have tested it out today with two UMA-Ds connected to a 432f as its not throughput I am after its more just signal strength.  The 5Ghz coverage is great, the 2.4Ghz about -12db worse off wherever I stand though. I'm not sure what's causing that, any ideas?


Can you share your FAP profile for the radio settings as well as describe what antenna leads were connected to which connectors on the FAP?


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