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Fortimanager disk full

Dear all


Our Fortimanager appears to have a disk full issue yesterday and unfortunately, I am not able to find a way to make space.

Checking the system status, I see the following:

FMG-VM # diagnose system print df

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

rootfs                 3913012    246372   3666640   6% /

none                   3913024         0   3913024   0% /devtmpfs

none                   7074140         4   7074136   0% /dev/shm

none                     65536        16     65520   0% /tmp

/dev/sda1               499656    104252    395404  21% /data

/dev/sdb              82438832  82438832         0 100% /var

/dev/sdb              82438832  82438832         0 100% /drive0

/dev/sdb              82438832  82438832         0 100% /Storage

/dev/loop0                8887        98      8277   1% /var/dm/tcl-root


It is clear that sdb is full but I don´t find a way to see the content of SDB or any solution to make some free space.

Do you have any suggestion on how to solve this?


Thanks in advance


Best regards



Valued Contributor

Are you able to add another disk?


This KB article goes through how to do it:


Generally the two reasons I see FMG storage get full is because it's being used as a FortiAnalyzer (for logs) and/or it's being used as a FortiGuard server so has to download webfiltering/av/as databases.




The Fortimanager server is a VM originally from v 4.0 and regularly upgraded. As a consequence, it doesn´t have the LVM activated, preventing to add an extra disk.


Regarding FortiAnalyzer, it is not activated.

Regarding Fortiguard, is there any way to delete the old databases?


Thanks for your help


Best regards




Hey Yann,


Can you run 

"execute lvm info"  I just  would like to see the output of this command? 






Here is the output of the command:

FMG-VM # execute lvm info LVM Status: Not-Started Disk1  :       Unused      104GB Disk2  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk3  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk4  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk5  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk6  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk7  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk8  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk9  :  Unavailable        0GB Disk10 :  Unavailable        0GB Disk11 :  Unavailable        0GB Disk12 :  Unavailable        0GB Disk13 :  Unavailable        0GB Disk14 :  Unavailable        0GB Disk15 :  Unavailable        0GB

Hey Yann,

Thanks for the update. 


Removing Data from the DB requires accessing the system file/storage of your FMG which is not recommended.

I would suggest to create a back up of your setting. You may use this Backup and restore settings 

Then try deploying your FMGVM Properly using steps provided in this KB Extending disk space in FortiAnalyzer VM / FortiManager VM. Later on you may experience another set of issues if you do not fix the  "LVM Status". 


Since your Disk in unused Most probably the  "exec lvm extend" command has not been used before.


Let me know if this helps you. 






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