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Fortimanager Central DNAT VIP Policy Load balance

Good day,

What is the difference, when creating a Central DNAT VIP policy in Fortimanager, between "Static NAT" type and "Load balance" type?

The documentation is a bit sparse...



This is more about FortiGate configuration than FortiManager, here's some relevant documentation for you:

"The difference between static-nat and load-balance is that load-balance is used to balance the traffic between different Servers behind a FortiGate.

But if only one-to-one DNAT mapping is used, it will work the same way."
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Hi Mark,


Thanks for the response. 


I've had no issue distinguishing between the two and working with them on FortiGate but it seems to be different in FortiManager. I see no way of implementing Virtual Servers on FortiManager. The "load balance" option does not expose any functionality for multiple "inside" servers.


It might be worth opening a TAC ticket for this.
I checked 6.4.7 and 7.0.4 VM's, Load Balance type didn't show up in 6.4 GUI but can be defined by installing a script to the ADOM DB.  It looks like this was added in 7.0.

I only see options for configuring a single external IP/range but this applies to both FMG and FGT GUI.


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