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Adding FAZ to FMG failed;

I own an already running FortiAnalyser with device sending logs to it. We recently purchase/renew our Fortimanager license so we could properly manage all of our FGT devices. Now I wanted to integrate the FortiAnalyser to Fortimanager but I am getting "Probe failed: network" even though that firewall is open for all necessary ports FortiAnalyser config is: Version: 6.4.6 ADOM Enable: Off FortiManager config is: Version: 6.4.7 ADOM Enable: On When I have tried to add the FAZ to FMG from the FMG root adom as well from other adom.‍ Do I need to enable on FAZ first?

Did you enable FortiManager service on the interface under System Settings > Network?
The port which you mentioned is open should be TCP 541.
The error is telling you that it doesn't get a reply from the FAZ, it could be a network issue or the interface isn't listening.  You can also try running packet captures on both sides.

Here's the FMG Admin guide section on adding FAZ:


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