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Fortimanager 7.4.3: config 1 system global

from time to time FortiManager 7.4.3 tries to "modify" my CLI template from "config system global" to "config 1 system global" when pushing to FortiGate Firewall 60F/100F/200F. I can force this error by "retrieve config" and pushing "policy package AND device settings" afterwards. Pushing ONLY device settings works and does not have this issue and once only device settings are pushed policy also works :)


Does anyone else have this issue or maybe a solution?






Hey Team-IT,

that does sound strange. I've not come across this myself, but I did find indication that something similar is under investigation by the FortiManager engineering team (an issue with "config 1 router [...]" or "config 1 system interface").

This is maybe related to system templates; is one assigned to the FortiGate in question?

In addition, I would suggest you open a ticket with FortiManager technical support for further investigation. For your (and their) reference, the issue under investigation has ID 1034754.




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Hi Debbie,


thanks for your investigation and your response here. Any yes it only affects systems where a CLI system template is assigned to. Once unassigning the system template playing the config goes smnooth. I reverted back to FMG 7.4.2 and waiting for Ticket 9525323 to be solved since it is now linked to the internal ID you provided. Thanks a lot...


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