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Fortimanager 6.4.2 / IPSEC FULL MESH / Interface IP Address Assingment

Howdy All,

Long time listener, first time caller.  Fairly new to the Fortinet networking game.  Long time Cisco IOS slinger.


We're looking at utilizing the following:


IPSEC VPN (Full Mesh) (in manual routing mode)

OSPF dynamic routing across the IPSEC tunnels

All of this managed by the Fortimanager.


The problem that I'm finding is that I haven't located a way for the interface IP's to get *dynamically* assigned by the fortimanager.  Doesn't seem much of a problem when you only have, say, 3 sites, but when you have 15 it tends to cause more manual labor than it's worth.


Why do I want to assign IP's to the tunnel interfaces, you ask?  Well, it is my understanding that the interfaces must have IP addresses on them for OSPF to advertise out on them and form adjacencies.


I called into tech support, and they seemed like it was pretty much over their heads (surprise surprise LOL)


Thoughts?  Questions? Comments? Blessings?



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never built it, but this seems to show what you more or less want i believe: what you can also consider is the ADVPN feature, this seems to be the newish way of how Fortinet does full mesh VPN setups. not supported in FortiManager - VPNManager yet i believe, but not a fan of that feature anyway.