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Fortigate stop answering to pings/https requests every 5minutes



We have two FortiGate 200F's in HA/ Active-Standby and for example, there seems to be some issues on the network where employees cannot print something (there is a long delay of 30s-60s) via a print server in another location (connected via MPLS). So, after a little digging, there seems to be a problem with the FortiGate.

We are trying to ping each SVI on the FortiGate and after every 5 minutes (300 seconds each time, no more, no less) there seems to be a problem and the FortiGate stops responding to the ping from each of its vlan interfaces (physical mgmt. interface seems fine, no packet loss) the problem lasts for about 20-50s and goes back to normal. While the problem is occurring, we also cannot connect via SSH or HTTPS to its mgmt IP address for HA.



The ping was conducted somewhere from MPLS network.

If we ping from endpoint in this location to some server in MPLS network packet loss is not that big BUT it occurs in average every 5minutes. This is a big problem as this is a large warehouse and staff have lost many hours waiting and fixing errors after connection loss.


Right now high level design looks like this:



All L3 interfaces for vlans are terminated at the FortiGate, which has a default gateway set to the MPLS network.

So when someone from vlan XY wants to communicate with another location, packets will be sent as follows: Access Switch -> core -> FortiGate -> core -> MPLS



We tried connecting the PC directly to the core switch and assigning it an address for the MPLS network and a default gateway to skip the FortiGate - no problem with packet loss after that.

We also switched the HA to a second unit, checked the links and disabled LAG/Aggregate so that everything would only go over one link, but no luck.

We have about 10 other warehouses running in a similar configuration (one location with exactly the same sw core models and access switches) and no such problem.


Another thing is that when we connect to Fortigate via console cable and do some sniffing (diagnose debug flow) there was no traffic in debug when the problem occurs.

Below is how its looks when I connect via physical mgmt interface and run sniffter


U can see that there was some traffic, like 10-20packets/s and after that zero. But after some time and when it start working again there's packet burst


In my opinion FortiGate does not drop packets but hold them for a long time, but I don't know why. It impact application because 30-40s is sometimes to late (for ping for sure)



Right now there's no inspection in FortiGate, the whole communication is permitted.  There are one rule - to permit all traffic (rule is set in flow-based inspection)

FortiGate is connected with core switch (2x cisco C9300 48p) via Aggregate links set in mode static/on (no LACP as there was problems to making it work with that cisco model).


Post is a little long but without that I think there will be not enough information.

Any idea what might be wrong?


Fortigate version 7.2.2 but problem was also when it was in 6.4


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i didn't went completely through your post ..

i want to know one thing is that pinging to FortiGate ip? or its a problem with pinging on the client system IP?

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Pings from post are to fortigate ip (SVI), we got the same model in different locations and no packet lost

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any IP Duplication ?

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Did you ever figure out what was the problem. I am having the same issue on a Fortigate 200E the firtigate stops responding exactly every 5 miutes for about 20 seconds.




There are a few potential causes if your FortiGate firewall stops responding every five minutes.



The FortiGate's system resources should be examined first. The firewall may cease functioning if its memory or CPU are exhausted. From the GUI or CLI of the FortiGate, you may check the resources.

Look through the FortiGate logs for any error or warning messages that might point to the issue's root. The CLI or GUI both provide access to the logs.


The FortiGate might stop responding as a result of a network problem. Make sure the network cables, switches, and routers that link to the FortiGate are in good working order.




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