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Fortigate one ARM Deployment


I Want to deploy my fortigate firewall in one arm mode, the firewall will be used as a regular firewall with just one interface (one arm deployment). The traffic will enter the firewall from one interface, the firwall then applies the policies (filetring, VPN,IPS…), the firewall send then the inspected  traffic from the same interface


is there any limitation regarding the following features in the above deployment




- Dynamique routing

- IPS, Anti-malware...



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"Azure Application" is the new Microsoft term for what used to be called a "solution template". It's a set of ARM templates deploying FortiGate VMs in different architectures. You'll be able to select architecture, licensing, and version alongside a handful of additional parameters. The "VM" entry is a bare VM without any additions. Go for the left one.


ploying a FortiGate firewall in one-arm mode for basic firewall functions with a single interface is possible, but it comes with some limitations and considerations:

  1. IPsec VPN: While it should work, routing and traffic flow might be challenging. Proper configuration is crucial.

  2. SSL VPN: SSL VPNs usually require multiple interfaces. Workarounds like source NAT may be needed.

  3. Dynamic Routing: Dynamic routing can be configured but requires careful routing and policy setup.

  4. IPS and Anti-Malware: These features should work, but ensure policies are correctly configured.

  5. Traffic Flow and NAT: Extensive use of NAT may be required to manage traffic flow.

  6. Management Access: Consider how you'll access and manage the firewall, possibly with a separate management interface.

  7. Performance: Check if your FortiGate model can handle the traffic volume and desired security features.

  8. Documentation and Support: Rely on Fortinet's documentation and consult with experts if needed for best practices in your specific deployment.

Siddhanth Poojary


Thanks for your reply. 

So all those features should work, but it will require more configuration efforts