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Fortigate management tunnel disconnected - alerts

Just yesterday afternoon I started receiving emails from FortiCloud saying the management tunnel to my device is down. I've gotten this email alert roughly once per hour ever since then. I've checked it, and everything is working OK. I can still use FortiCloud to manage my device. So if in fact it IS going down, it is brief and comes back quickly.


What could be causing this? In a year+ of using this device, yesterday was the first time I got this alert, and it keeps on sending them.


Handler: Device Tunnel To Server Down Details: Fortigate management tunnel disconnected

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Same here, I received multiple alerts all day yesterday and last night. I have the feeling it is related to the Fortigate cloud scheduled maintenance they did this week.


Maintenance notice: Regular upgrade maintenance is scheduled on EU domain: 6:00PM CET 20 March 2020. Global domain: 7:00PM PDT 20 March 2020. The expected duration is 3 hours. Some services may be impacted during the upgrade process.


I just checked the ... whats the new name  "Fortigate Cloud" console at and there is suddenly a new maintenance occurring in the next 24 hours. 


I suspect that is to fix the alerting problems (my symptom is that the alert on tunnel down is occurring ever X hours ... even when the tunnel stays down such as powered off unit).




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Yeah that maintenance appears in my fortiCloud just as I was on the phone with tech support. Engineer I spoke to does not seem to be aware of an issue on their side and since my tunnel was up, suggested me to wait a few days to see if it still get those emails...

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i have been receiving these mails since yesterday. In last 24 hours I got like 100+ emails  from forticloud. I have even told the tac that after their maintenance the problem started. THey dont seems to be helpful. What should i do now ?



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Yeah, I am still receiving the alerts today. Last night maintenance seems to have changed nothing. I updated my ticket with fortinet support, the replied I got is:


"Forticloud team has informed us yesterday afternoon that it was a schedule maintenance. Some tunnel servers experienced connection difficulty to FortiGates. They were working on it then.


At the moment of management tunnel down, users cannot backup/restore/remote_access FGT via cloud, while other functions should NOT be impacted.


Please let me know if you are still getting the alerts."


In the actual context, I think that maybe their servers (or our networks) are overloaded, so I am trying to stay cool and understanding. What else can I do anyway ?


I have the same problem, I have been receiving event emails with the title "Fortigate Management Tunnel Disconnected" since 03/18/2020, although I have not changed anything in the configuration.


Yep been happening for one of my Fortigate 60Ds since 18th March and still hasn't stopped. Constantly deleting these email alerts. When I look in Forticloud it says the tunnel is up. Perhaps false reporting ?

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I think they have resolved the issue, as I have not received any alerts email since yesterday.

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