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Fortigate firmware upgrade question

Hi, I have a question about upgrade my fortigate 101E.

Right now I have two fortigate 101E, one's firmware is v5.6.9 build1673, the other is v6.0.6 build0272.
And I plan to upgrade both of them to v7.2, I already download all the necessary firmware files according to the upgrade path tool.

But my problem is, one of my colleague said he had once upgrade another device from 5.X to 6.X, and the device's license will be expired after upgrading, no matter the expinonesensered date is in the next year.
I am curious is it possible?? Cause my devices' licenses will be expired in 2024, if they expired after upgrading, that means I will lost two years license and need to purchase new license?!

Does anyone have the same problem? Or It's just nonesense and I should just upgrade  firmware?
Thanks for any reply.


Hi @flyincloud 


Upgrading the device should not have affect on the device license. Ensure that you have Internet connectivity on your FortiGate so that it can reach out to FortiCare for license checking. You can also manually trigger the license checking and FortiGuard update with the following command:

exec update-now

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Dear flyincloud,


No License will not go after the upgrade. its confirmed.

Even if the License is removed, Fortigate firewall will communicate to fortiguard and can retrieve the license and you can also contact fortigate customer service they can resend the license if still you have validity. 




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