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Fortigate blocking some traffic from Cell Phones and Satellites - not sure why

I have an issue come up a few times now, and it's across to many sites / devices to just be nothing.


End points that can go almost anywhere on the web, can't get anything from my Fortinet protected sites.  They can't even log in to the Fortinet's webpage.


What I see:

1. Connections / VPNs do not work through the fortinet

2. users can get almost anywhere web wise

3. Connections to any Fortinet (tried 3 different site, with different ISP) all fail - even if just to admin web page

4. One site had a Fortinet on SAT connection and it didn't work to anywhere reliably, replaced it with a Linksys and things worked fine.


Another user who uses VPN via his IPhone on AT&T all the time, was not working the other day.  I could remote in to his machine (and other web sites), but could not go from his machine to VPN or even the Admin log in page.   Changed to wifi - and VPN worked fine.



So - It looks to me like the Sat connection and sometimes the Phone connections are maybe messing with the Packets in such a way that the Fortinet just drops them.  No errors or anything are logged on the Fortinet.


Anyone seen anything like this?  It's been over the last year I've have the issues. so various recent Firmwares and models from 60C to 200D




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