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Fortigate as a portforwarder from internal to external



Is it possible to use a fortigate as a portforwarder like:


internal ip port 30001 => external ip port 22


I wan to replace a linux silution with socat with a fortigate firewall. 

Maybe someone has an example how to configurate such a fortigate ?


Kind regards Edwin

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Sure, is his job. You can use the VIP (Virtual IP) to publicate the internal service listening on port 30001 and external on port 22.

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I understand the use of a vip (virtual ip), but this is used when i need access to an internal source from the internet.


The socat utility is a relay for bidirectional data transfers between two independent data channels.

So i need a kind of vip / proxy to portforward from internal tot external not external to internal.


example tcp 30001 => public ip1 tcp 22 tcp 30002 => public ip2 tcp 443 tcp 30003 => public ip3 tcp 443



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You can enable Central SNAT:

config system settings set central-nat enable


View this url and find "To create central SNAT using the GUI:" https://www.fortinetguru....olicy-with-source-nat/

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