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Fortigate and a 3rd party captive portal

Hey all,

We use fortigates across all of sites and I'm in the process of setting up a captive portal to use with the wifi network, I noticed that fortigate has the option to enable captive portal and use an external one,

I enabled it and pointed it at the captive software, the issue I'm finding is it goes to a Fortigate Captive portal first and not to the 3rd party one,

Has anyone used an external one and if so are there any guides on how to set it up to work with a 3rd party system?

If I can use forti to do this, then I can add the captive portal to the wired connections as well as the wifi.


Hi Roksakure,

Yeap the external portal works perfectly fine on FGT, we do have so many implementation also with the Fortiauthenticator.
Doesn't matter what external portal you will use the flow is the same.
Please review the following article:


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Hey roksakure,

to clarify a bit:

- even if you enable an external captive portal on FortiGate, it will first redirect to its own captive portal, and then immediately redirect to the external one; FortiGate itself should not prompt for credentials, but the redirect has to happen in this way for FortiGate to pick up the captive portal's response properly and consider the user authenticated

- if you're facing certificate errors, setting a certificate under 'config user setting' or in 'Authentication Settings' under 'User & Authentication' should take care of that; you might also need to define a URL for the captive portal on FortiGate

- if you would like to have a Fortinet device host the captive portal, FortiAuthenticator may be a good idea; it would also allow for self-registration (for guest users for example), and/or you could enforce 2FA authentication (FortiToken/email/SMS) as well

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