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Fortigate and ISE dACL



We are using ASA with Anyconnect VPN clients. The ASA asks the ISE to auth the user and the ISE checks the user with the Domain Controller. Once authentified, the ISE pushes downloadable ACL depending on the user. These ACL are then used by the ASA to restrict the rights of the user.

I'm not sure of how it works, I mean the exchange since the beginning until the ACL on the ASA, I don't know this thing. But I have to tell if we can replace the ASA by Fortigate and Forticlients. So I'm trying to understand how it works so that I can tell if the ISE can still pushes its ACL if it's a Fortigate instead of an ASA. Is it a thing we can only do if we have ASA with the ISE ?


Can you help me, provide me documentation ?


That may be a Cisco question but I don't know maybe you can tell me :)



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did you do it? were you successful?

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Hi, can you finally set up this eviroment? i'm looking to do the same on my new network and i want to know if finally was possible.




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