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Fortigate SSL-VPN url problem


I'm using the SSL-VPN web interface to access an internal service. However, I'm encountering issues with certain images and application functionalities not working properly. It seems that there is a problem with the DNS name in the URL, causing a 404 DNS Resolve failed error.

For example, the incorrect URL is:


The correct URL should be:

I would like to know if there is a missing configuration in Fortigate that could be causing this issue or what might be the problem.


Do I have some configure missing in fortigate or what may be problem?


Hey taiffu,


the FortiGate web-based SSLVPN setup includes a parser for websites/resouces accessed through web-based VPN. There aren't really any settings you can change to influence how the parser behaves - the only thing you can really do is report the issue to Technical Support via a ticket, so they can have a closer look at it and report it to our developers if necessary.

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