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Fortigate SSL VPN + FortiNAC + Azure MFA


We are using Fortigate as VPN server with windows NPS + Azure MFA addon. All works fine!

Now we are considering to integrate with FortiNAC for better security.

Integration Guide says that you have to use FortiNAC as RADIUS server. But how to use it with azure mfa, is it possible to forward requests to windows nps?

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Yes it is possible. All of my implementations at clients are based on NPS Radius. Fortinac forwards 802.1x queries to the NPS. Fortinet itself authorizes based on the mac address, eg. WPA2 SSID.


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i apologize using your question for another question, but i believe your is answered. if you dont want it let me know and ill delete it again.


what exactly do you expect to gain from adding FortiNAC to this mix? i have seen examples of the FortiClient setup with FortiNAC and it looks quite complex, so where is the benefit?

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