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Fortigate- Redundant links

Hello Everyone, I have a quick question for a scenario that I am working on with Fortigate Firewalls.
we have two sites, Site A has one 100F standalone FW and Site B has a cluster of 2 400F firewalls in active-passive mode. The thing is, Internet connection for site A is through Site B with two physical links (LAG interface on FWA, one to each firewall of site B). the IP connectivity wouldn't be a problem as the WAN interface for Site A would be an interconnexion subnets to an another LAN interface in Site B and static routes would redirect those to internet connectivity, However I want to configure the links to have autonomous redundancy; if link 1 to FWB-Active fails, link 2 takes over; I have checked the link-monitor configuration fortinet offers but would that be possible in the active-passive setup of site B!


In the case of an Active passive HA cluster, the Secondary firewall does not respond unless the primary firewall goes down or an HA failover happens.


If the link to firewall 1(Active) of site B goes down,  FWA will not send the traffic to firewall 2(secondary).  The auto-failover will happen only if firewall 1 of site B goes down.  Link monitor will not help you in this scenario becuase the second link(to firewall2) will always remain dead if site 1 is up.


Amritpal Singh
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Yes, it is possible to configure autonomous redundancy for your scenario with Fortigate Firewalls in an active-passive setup. To achieve this, you can use the link-monitor feature to monitor the LAG interfaces and ensure failover between them.



This would be more normal way. The diagram tells all.



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