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Fortigate OTP



I have Fortigate 60E Firewall, and I want to enable SSL VPN with OTP 2FA, so I see there is only 2 license OTP Token for free, and the other option is to use hardware token OTP, so there is any license number limitation if I use hardware OTP or not...


other questions,,


can I use hardware OTP from other vendors...??

can i use a softotp with integrate the Fortigate firewall with the Radius server for google authentication,,??






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You can also use another solution. Most of them are then connected via Radius. The simplest solution, however, is to use fortitokens, regardless of whether they are hardware or software tokens. It is also possible to use Azure 2FA, but this is quite complicated to set up.

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We use DUO for MFA. It also supports Fortigate VPN. The benefit is, it also supports a lot of other stuff like owa, rdp, thats why we decided to go with Duo. Not to complicate to setup. 2FA for Fortinet FortiGate SSL VPN and FortiClient with RADIUS Auto Push | Duo Security


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