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Fortigate Migration

Hi Guys


i have an old FG-100D with 6.2.2 firmware, i need to migrate its config to a new FG-101F with 6.4.6 firmware.

i used forticonverter but there are many issue, the trick is that they should be on the same firmware but the issue here is that i can not upgrade FG-100D to 6.4.6 cause its final firmware is 6.2.13, also i can not downgrade FG-101F to 6.2.2 using this path ( 6.4.6 - 6.4.4 - 6.4.2 - 6.4.0 - 6.2.2 ) 6.4.6 to 6.4.4 is fine but 6.4.4 to 6.4.2 failed the message is downgrade not supported.


what is the plan to achieve this 


Hello Eldessouky,


I suggest, if you need parity for the config migration, installing firmware 6.2.X from system boot on FG-101F as per:

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I am about to cutover a clients site from an existing infrastructure using older fortiswitch 224e to the new fortigate. What is the recommended flow for this?

Do I deauthorize from the old fortigate and then cross connect the switches to the new fortigate and authorize? or does that even matter? Both sides will use fortilink and switch config doesn't need to be backup/restored.

I've been rolling out new switches for a while and I don't want to screw up setting up an existing switch.


Thank y'all!
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