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Fortigate Hard disk error

Hello, I encountered an error regarding hard disk log in FGT 101E. "Selected log location is currently disabled".

I run the command "get system status" in cli and the hard disk status says need to reformat the disk then reboot the firewall.


Any idea how to fix this without rebooting the firewall? 

Please see the screenshot below for your reference. Thank you.




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IMO, it requires reboot

Fortigate Newbie

Fortigate Newbie

No way without downtime. You need to enter the BIOS during reboot, using the serial connection. Press any key when prompted, then select to format the disk.


Afterwards, the firmware image, signature databases and configuration will be gone!!

So prepare this operation and have the firmware image and config file ready.


The most convenient way to reload these, given a non-functional FGT without IP address, is to copy them to a USB stick and reboot the FGT with the stick attached. The boot process will compare firmware version and config and restore one or both if necessary.

The files on the stick need to have these filenames:

for the config: "fgt_system.conf"

for the firmware: "image.out"

Other files will be ignored.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Hello Michael,

for me, it concerns only the log disk, which has never been formated, so I think that the process described by ede_pfau is not necessary. To format log disk, run the following command: 'exec formatlogdisk', and of course it will reboot the device. Currently, you have configured the Fortigate to log on disk, but the disk is not ready to log.


best regards, Benoit


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