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Fortigate DNS Server reverse lookup



my Foritgate is acting as a DNS server with static entrys. However a revrese lookup (ip to name) on a client which have fortigate as a DNS server configured gives no result.


Is there an additional setting which have to be configured for DNS reverse lookup?


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In short (as I am on holidays and not at my desk):

1- You need to create an additional zone, aptly named like a reverse zone.

2- Populate it with PTR records instead of A records.


Then the FGT will do reverse lookups. It is clumsy, and PTR records are not created automatically, but it works.



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did you configure PTR records for every A record you want the reverse lookup to work for? That's required to get reverse lookups working as far as I know.

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Hi Juergen,


are you using an active directory by an chance?

If so you could forward these requests to the domain dns servers.


I did it this way and it works fine:


conf system dns-database

edit ""
set domain ""
set ttl 28800
set authoritative disable
set forwarder "[DC1]" "[DC2]"


This way every PTR request for IPs of gets forwarded.



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