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Fortigate DNS Database (conditional DNS forwarder) forwarder failover


I'm trying to bring some redundancy to some of our installations but I'm having some issue getting the Fortigate to do a proper failover to the secondary forwarder for our zone.

Basically we got zone xxx.local with 2 forwarders and everything works like a charm but if we take down the first listed forwarder for maintenance all none cached DNS queries for this domain starts to become slow because the Fortigate does not mark the forwarder as "down" and keeps trying this forwarder first for each query.

I also tried using alt-primary and alt-secondary with same result. None Cached DNS queries for internal domains become slow because the primary has to fail before it tries the secondary.

Anybody found a way to add some redunancy for the internal domains?

omegle xender

Good day @lundy ,


can you try creating the following auto-script that runs at an specified intervals:
config system auto-script
edit <script name>
set repeat 0
set interval 300 (time in seconds)
set script 'config global
> diagnose test application dnsproxy 5'
set start manual

execute auto-script start <script name>

**NOTE: If you need to modify the interval, use the "execute auto-script stop <script name>" command, then modify the interval using the below commands...

config system auto-script
edit <script name>
set interval <time in seconds>

- You will then need to restart the script using the below command...

execute auto-script start <script name>


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