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Fortigate 90D two network

i have the following situation

i have and adsl line connected to the external, i created a VPN network on it on other location, the vpn work great with no issues,

my router is and my other network VPN tunnel is

but i have another network , MPLS network, with a bridge gateway and connected to other subnets outside my offices , the problem as follow, 

i want to configure -route or policy- between the VPN tunnel and the other MPLS network , HOW?





If the phase2 is configured with Source and destination network as, great ,else first step would be to create phase2's for the MPLS networks.


Then create a firewall policy from VPN interface to MPLS interface (Where the MPLS router is conencted) and enable the NAT on the firewall policy.



Pradhumna chnadra


Dear Pradhumna_FTN


I think that i didn't understand you clearly , My MPLS is from ISP ,I cannot modify it or add a phase 2 to it

another thing, what about source and destination , i'm a newbie , how to do that?


Here is my structures :


VPN-Tunnel ---------------------- HQ -----------------------------(MPLS)        


I wonder if you can help me with more detailed steps


Can any one help me with this issue