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Fortigate 601E

Hello Everyone

   I am currently using a cisco asa migrating to a Fortigate 601E - The operation is pretty basic. We're taking the lan and internet port from the asa and moving them to the fortigate 601e Lan and Internet Port. The policies are set up. The Core Switch is doing all the existing routing. I have validated the default route as going to from the core switch. 


If I put a laptop into the fortigate port 2 (lan port) and configure the nic with the following configuration. It works fine.

Laptop IP





If I put the lan and wan port back into the ASA.. It works fine. 



What am I missing?


Thanks in advance

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You haven't said what the problem is, however I'm guessing that your setup doesn't work when the FGT is connected to your core. Have you added the routes to the core switch VLANs onto the FGT? Pete
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