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Fortigate 200D: Can not format log disk! Check if disk has been installed

When booting I get this message and it won't go any further. Is there a repair I can run on boot?

I was looking into an possible issue and was just going to roll to secondary firewall so 


Disk usage changed, please wait for reboot...

Formatting the disk...
- unmounting /data2 : ok
Partitioning and formatting /dev/sdb label LOGUSEDX13F820CA ... Can not format log disk!
Check if disk has been installed


This is likely a case for RMA, and will be handled by the assigned engineer (I see you already opened 5847848 )

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I've just had the exact same situation last month. When I received the FGT, I tried to install a HQIP image - it did not even load. Very likely a disk failure. I have not heard anything other than this from the RMA department yet.


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@ehammons , @ede_pfau as Alex mentioned, when the FortiGate fails to recognize its own inbuilt disk, especially during booting/when trying to format from BIOS, there isn't anything that can be done, really, and it becomes a case for the RMA team.

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