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Fortigate 100E is a DNS / DHCP Server - How can DHCP given IP's dynamically enter DNS?


Screenshots of my general config above ^



I have a DHCP server which is working great on an interface of my 100E firewall.  I also have deployed a DNS server, which I have been trying to configure to work dynamically with my DHCP leases.  I have tried some DDNS configurations on the DHCP server like ddns override, however it has been a challenge for my DHCP devices (network devices, Windows, linux) to get dynamically entered into the DNS server.  I have to manually add A records to my DNS server for them to become pingable on my "" domain I made up in the DNS server.  I was wondering if it is possible with Fortigate to use dynamic DNS with my DHCP IP receiving devices so that their hostname will automatically be entered into the DNS server database and become pingable on the domain?  No domain controller exists on this network, don't think there has to be.  Thoughts?


Also worth mentioning that this is on a LAN only.  There is no internet at play nor available.  Thanks.

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This recent thread was basically about the same thing:


I don't think this is possible with a FortiGate.  I've never known it to be possible outside of something like Active Directory honestly.


I can't talk about the specific issue, but I assume you do not own ...  either use a domain that you own and can direct the nameserver address to your firewall or use a .local domain.  trying to use is only going to lead to strange issues internally.

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