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Problem with session limits and access users to quarantine



First problem:


5 day ago i'm setup Fortimail 60d in company. Fortimail works in gateway mode and to friday works perfect.

Today when i come to work all mail was deferred in my postfix server and log in fortimail says: " Session Limits - Delay "


I'm switch email traffic to barracuda system and all works good. I'm search the problem with session limits and i found the one solusion to switch off sender reputaction.


I will be try run traffic in evening but it is only one solution this problem with session limits ?


Secound problem:


My email traffic is:  ISP -> postfix -> Fortimail -> IBM Lotus Notes


When e-mail going to quarantine i can from admin access release or delete message. I have a notification 2 time a day when they have a control quarantine mailbox but how they can login to webmail ? 






@edit 27.10.2020:


First problem has resolution - now i'm understood how session limits works so i have only problem with quarantine and lotus notes


For personal quarantine email, the notification email will have a link to Release/Delete directly without login webmail. If user wants to login the webmail, you will need authentication profile configured in the matching recipient policy.

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