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Fortigate-100E Temperature is too high

I get the message "TMP 4 Temperature temperature is too high:34000.00(75.0 celsius degree)" on my Fortigate80E.

The firmware is v7.0.9.

The equipment is set up in a 19°C environment in the server room and the unit does not appear to be overheating. It has already been running for 5 days. I think the default threshold of the equipment may be low, but could you please tell me what the standard setting is and if there is a way to change the setting?


Dear @ik 

TMP 4 Temperature refers to the temperature sensor located on the device's motherboard or CPU, and it is used to monitor the internal temperature of the unit. To investigate further to ensure there are no actual temperature-related issues.
Please check this article on How to check temperature values on FortiGate devices




Hello @ik 

This message is a warning or an alert from the Fortigate device to notify you that the temperature of the sensor is exceeding the normal operating range. It's important to address this issue promptly to prevent any potential damage or performance degradation to your Fortigate device.

Ensure that the FortiGate is not placed in an enclosed space or surrounded by objects that may restrict airflow. Make sure that the device has proper ventilation and is placed in a well-ventilated area.



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