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Fortiextender 40D WAN failover configuration

Hello, I have just retired a Cisco 1921 with HWIC 3G failover card with a Fortigate 60E and FortiExtender 40D for the same purpose.

However, when I tested WAN failover to the FortiExtender 3G mobile circuit, I received a public IP address on the FortiExtender interface from our ISP. Before with the Cisco configuration I would always receive a private IP address which enabled us to route to our WAN.

Is there any obvious reason why I am receiving a public IP instead of a private IP when the FortiExtender fails over to cellular backup ?

Thank you kindly.


New Contributor

could be the APN setting.  On our 4G services there are specific APN's which will provide an external routable IP and others that will provide a private NAT's IP.


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