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So we are working on migrating from 600D's to 200F's. After speaking with our fortinet account team, they suggested the forticonverter service. Seemed pretty cheap, and would save us time from trying to manually change things around, sounded good to me. I looked up the part number, i mentioned i thought it was FC-10-F200F-189-02-12, but i wasnt sure.

The quote came back with FDP-SINGLE-USE, they said it covers everything on the PO for what we wanted.

We got all the gear and i got an email with a single bulk key for the 6 200f units, the key says its a "bulk forticloud key". When i try to add it under our account it says CS must add a bulk key. The forticonverter program talks about a license file being needed, which i dont have. The online forticonverter doesnt show any eligible products, given i havent added the 200Fs yet, i plan to do that tomorrow when back in the office.

We will be deploying these locally, so ZTP or remote deployment isnt something we need or talked about.

Is forticonverter covered under FDP? or did our account team sell us the wrong SKU? they said to email CS so i sent everything over to them and have a ticket open and waiting to hear back.

I would suggest first adding all 200Fs to your account and after that call the CS. Usually, the FortiConverter one-use license is tied to the serial number of the new device. When you open a FortiConverter ticket it will ask you to select the Destination and Source device from the currently registered devices on your account.

Vladislav Ceban

Hi there,

In order to use FortiConverter service, you will need an entitlement for destination devices. Please refer to this document for license option "


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