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Bridge DMZ Interface to Tunnel WIFI


i have 2 WIFI configured on the Fortinet, the WIFi is tunneled to the controller.


The LAN of my Fortinent FW is


For the 2 Wifi Fortinet create 2 new networks


SSD1 DHCP enabled

SSD2  DHCP  enabled.


i have a question how can i bridge a physical interface to this Network? to connect a PC and receive a 192.168.66.x or 192.168.100.x  ip Adress?



My idea was to enter a Vlan on the Wlan SSIDs: SSD1 >Vlan 50 SSD2 >Vlan 100 then I would have created an interface and tagged the 2 Vlans on it. At the switch uplink of course also tagged 50,100 At one switch port where I attach the PC untagged 50 or 100

is this the right way?





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