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Forticloud Summary Report "In Progress" for the last 7 hours

Apologies if this post belongs elsewhere - I couldn't find a more appropriate forum.


We are using the Free tier of FortiCloud service and have a standard Summary Report scheduled daily by email; this has worked succesfully since configured nearly two years ago and reports typically arrive between 5am and 6am (GMT).

Today's report shows as "In Progress" in the FortiCloud UI for our main appliance (FGT60D on 5.2.7) and has done since first checked 6 hours ago. Forticloud shows up to date logs from the appliance, and no errors are shown in appliance / Forticloud system logs.


I've tried a technical web chat session with Fortinet support who can't offer any assistance other than raising a ticket. They suggested cancelling and restarting the report but can't advise how to achieve this.


Just wondering whether we're the only lucky ones with this problem or if someone has encountered it before.


The report released much later on at 2017-03-25 01:18, approximately 44 hours later than usual. 


My best guess is that there was some sort of issue server-side, but given that the FortiCloud team seem to be completely unreachable by customers I'm just glad I didn't waste more of my time raising a ticket with support.


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