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Forticlient user interface freezed

When user try to connect VPN, he can't select any options in his interface. It's like everthing had freeze and he's unable to select anything. How can we solve this? The version he use is the 6.0.


Hi DanLima,


you should check the exact behaviour, does the client unfreeze after a minute or so? I would then think it is trying to authenticate and fails. During that time it does not respond.

Logs of the client might have a better view.


Quick shot is of course to upgrade the client. The latest is the 7.0 in between there are 6.2 and 6.4 branches.


Best regards,



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Hi Markus_M,


Thanks for answering as soon as possible. The only thing that worked to reable the user panel was rebooting the system. In one of thoses cases, we had to reboot 4x times to make it work.


I talked with TI admin about the new versions of the client and they'll see if it's possible to change. If you know something to helps us, I appreciate.


Thanks again.

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