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Forticlient on Osx High Sierra


We have a client having trouble establishing a VPN connecting using FortiClient 6.0.1. 

The Client installs fine, I setup the account (as I have with many Windows machines..I know the Firewall side is correct). 

I click connect, and it just hangs at "connecting" and doesn't do anything else.

We tried 3 different networks, home, office, hotspot.. so I don't believe its a internal network/firewall issue there. 

I tried to install an older version of FortiClient, but it just updated to the latest version automatically. 


Are there any known issues with this version and High Sierra? Any other suggestions? 


Thanks in advance!

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@kd007 I also need either 6.0.2 or 5.6.6 for mac High Sierra issue, where can I get it?  Support is locked out.


6.0.2 worked for me in Mac High Sierra, thx!



I am having the same problem as you.

Does someone can indicate me how to get FortiClient v5.6.6 ? please.

Thank you for you help.




I was facing the same issue were VPN connection was established but RDP connection wasn't working. I was using forticlient v6.2.6 on MAC OS Sierra.


After running debug on the FortiGate I noticed that Syn packet was sent by the MAC user and SYN-Ack packet was sent from the office PC to the MAC user connect via FortiClient. However, ACK packet wasn’t sent from the MAC laptop where FortiClient is installed. This identifies that the issue we were facing is from the Microsoft RDP application installed on the MAC laptop and not from the FortiClient VPN.


I was able to resolve my issue by following this link:


Hope this may help.




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kd007 wrote:

lgrundhoefer wrote:

Thanks for the replies! Where can I find v5.6.6? 

Do you have an account at If so you can download v5.6.6 from there. If you don't let me know and I can get it for you.

Can you download 5.6.6 and 6.0.2 for me (so I can downgrade in case 6.0.2 will not work for me)? Our support will take several weeks before it will answer my request...


Do you have dropbox?


Send me a PM, I'll get them to you. 


Yes, is my dropbox account.


Thanks all for the helpful responses :)


Got both versions, thx for the help.


The 6.0.2 version got me an old error (invalid cert, or bad credentials blabla), 5.6.6 works like a charm on high Sierra now :)



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Can you get me v6.2.0 for Mac?


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