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Forticlient not updating - 6.2.4 now available but has known issues?

I find that a number of machines are not updating from EMS so I was going to update to 6.2.4, but it has similar known issue (Bug ID 590987 - "FortiClient (Windows) does not download new installer from EMS.")


EMS also has a resolved issue (Bug ID 595953 -"FortiClient does not autoconnect to EMS when installed with a 6.0 installer created in EMS 6.2. You must recreate FortiClient installers created before upgrade to 6.2.4.")


Where can I find details on these Bug ID items?


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FYI I put in a ticket to get these answers:

Thank you for contacting Fortinet Support.

1) Bug ID# 595953-In 6.2.4 version of EMS, Forticlient version 6.0.x auto-connect to EMS. You need to create new installer for 6.0 to push from EMS version 6.2.4 2) Bug ID# 590987-While upgrading forticlient, please reboot machine after upgrade. This bug was reported when forticlient was upgraded to 6.2.2 and machine was not restarted and then there were issues upgrading to 6.2.3.


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