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Forticlient macOS 14 Sonoma compatibilty

Is Forclient 7.2.1 compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma?




there is an internal ticket for supporting macOS Sonoma in the upcoming future releases. However, in the Release notes of FCLient (Free version) macOS 14 is not listed as supported. You can try and test, may be 13 and 14 are compatible.

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I upgraded to Sonoma - and lo and behold - forticlient stopped working.

The error as seen in fortitraylog: 

20231023 17:32:23 TZ=+0200 [FortiTray:EROR] Error Domain=FctHttp Code=1 "(null)" UserInfo={description=HTTP response not finished}
20231023 17:32:24 TZ=+0200 [FortiTray:EROR] Stop on error: Can not connect to VPN server.


FIX (I don't know if this was a real fix - rather a workaround for now):

  1. ran a resolve on the VPN GW I was using to get the IP address
  2. also confirmed an SSL connection was possible to the IP by using Netcat 
    nc -v GW_IP <GW_PORT> 


  3. Changed the GW PROXY to the IP address instead of the DNS or FQDN (fully qualified domain name) name
  4. A SSL cert warning appeared (and I suspect this was the root cause issue, and sort of masked because of the DNS proxy name validating with the SSL cert name)
    1. Accept the cert in the pop up warning
  5. CONNECTED!!! 


You can now change the GW proxy back to the DNS name value - for me it still worked

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I got hesitation as follows:
1 - I updated MacOS Sonoma to 14.2.1
2 - I removed the previous version of fortclient
3 - I installed the new version


The following table lists FortiClient (macOS) 7.2.3 product integration and support information:

This version is now available for Sonoma

Captura de ecrã 2023-12-22, às 12.25.18.png



Forticlient - - Sonoma 14.2.1MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1

Ndawendua Neto
Ndawendua Neto

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