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Forticlient error on Mac after token authorization: "Internal error. VPN status observer is already

I'm trying to get my work VPN working on a new Mac Mini (M1, 2021) running Mac OS 12.6. When I try to connect with Forticlient free VPN software, I am asked for the token digits and can get through that, but then I get a message: "Internal error. VPN status observer is already set."

This does not happen on my 2015 MacBook Pro also running Mac OS 12.6. So it's not an operating system problem. I also did a reinstall of Mac OS on the new Mac Mini and that did not fix the problem. Also, since I can access the VPN using the MacBook Pro and my iPad, the issue is not my personal account.

Anyone else see this message and know what it could be about? I've used the Fortinet Uninstaller, but is there something else I can use to be sure every last file is deleted and do a completely clean install.

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You can try to manually remove the following items via terminal:

cd / 
cd Library/LaunchDaemons 
sudo rm -rf com.fortinet.forticlient.* 
cd / 
cd "Library/Application Support/Fortinet" 
sudo rm -R FortiClient


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So I had the same error "Internal error. VPN status observer is already", and I could not figure out what the issue was. However my company provided me with version 7.2.0. I uninstalled this with the official uninstaller, and downloaded the free version from the website, which happens to be 7.0.9. After installation I could connect, I had no error anymore. Out of curiosity – I should not have, because it kills the cat – I uninstalled this version and ran the installer again, it would hang now with the status connecting and no error. I uninstalled version 7.0.9 and installed version 7.2.0 again, and now its working. So I'm just going to leave it and not poke around anymore – never change a running system!


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