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Forticlient connection problem - Windows

Hi All


I just came across a strange issue regarding the Forticlient running on a Windows 10 machine.


First some quick background info:


Our client as a 200D cluster and several 3rd parties VPN in to their network to administer various systems. The problem with this is troubleshooting is a bit of an issue as we (In this case) need to try and get on to one of these 3rd part machines.


Anyway, this particular 3rd party user fires up the Forticlient app (Or webmode VPN) and initiates an SSL VPN connection.


The VPN connections no problem, I can see the user connected under VPN->Monitor->SSL VPN.


The problem is that no connections to our clients internal network are possible. A simple ping for example just times out.


This is where things get a bit more strange... If I try the same (Or any other) vpn account from my own machine, everything works 100%. What's more is if a do a diag debug flow trace, I can see the traffic being allowed be the relevant policies as well.


I'm sure that the issue is on the 3rd party's machine - I'm just hoping that someone might have an idea as to what the cause might be?









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Did you ping by IP or by name?


I am having the same issue.  External user, consultant.  She can connect, can not ping internal host via name or IP address but the trace shows the packet coming in to the internal machine, and another packet returning out to the VPN client, which is never received by said client.


I looked at the local firewall, and even turned it off.


No Love.


Any ideas?



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It happened on one user machine where he installed both FortiClient and Pulse Secure vpn on Windows 10, which caused SSL vpn conflict.