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Forticlient VPN Windows 11 & RDP

I'm running 7.0.2 on a new Win11 box. I'm able to connect SSLVPN tunnel but unable to access any hosts. I have 7.0.2 on a Win10 box and can connect via RDP to various hosts, but on Win11 I am unable to ping any hosts. I can resolve IP addresses, so DNS is working. It doesn't appear to be a local firewall issue, as I've disabled without effect. Any thoughts?

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do you have a full or split tunnel?
Did you enter the routing for Split?
Policy have you created that you can access from an SSLVPN client?


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have a split tunnel. I did not enter split routing, just left as default. I have created an SSLVPN policy, with default incoming interface of SSL-VPN tunnel interface (ssl.root), outgoing interface is internal, Source is VPN LAN IP range and user group.

Interestingly, I've discovered after the tunnel is open for about 15 minutes the RDP connection works just fine.

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