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Forticlient V5.2.6 Av-Update failed



i have noticed an update issue for the FortiClient 5.2.6 (win7/64bit).

Windows said that the database is old.


Have checked the database on the FC and it say that it is up to date.

Have then run a Diagnostic Check with the Fc-Tools.

and checked the steps through this KB below.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
- <CheckUpdate serial_number="" server_addr="" port="80">
- <ResolvedServerIP addr="">
  <ServerIP ip="" />
  <ServerIP ip="" />
  <ServerIP ip="" />
  <ServerIP ip="" />
  <ServerIP ip="" />
- <RequestList>
  <Object id="00000000FSCI00000000000000000000" />
  <Object id="00000000FDNI00000000000000000000" />
  <Object id="01000000FECT00000" />
  <ERROR msg="FR_connect() failed" ret="-3000" err="126" />
  <ERROR msg="FCP_send_request() failed" ret="-3000" err="126" />
  <ERROR msg="FCP_recv_response() failed" ret="-3000" err="126" />
  <ResponseList num="0" />


The Ip ist pingable.

A telnet connection to port 8889 fails.


A browser connection via https to fails with a bad certificate/handshake.


The logs say that the last successfull updade was on 30.1.2020. Since this time no updates occures.


It is a little bit odd because it fails exactly on the end of January.


Any hints what's happened? Does fortinet shutdown av-updates for Forticlient?





Small Update. Today on 7th Febr 2020 20:48 MESZ i got an Update to AV_SIG:74.00884 (from AV_SIG:74.00883). The Windows Message with an old AV-Database has disapeared. I ran then again the above dignostic check with the same results. Don't know what causes this.

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