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Forticlient Intermittent regular disconnects

Hello Everyone,


I've been having this issue with staff at my company being kicked off the VPN regularly, to the point they cannot work effectively from home.


I myself can work from home on the same VPN without issue and have done hours at a time. When I export the logs from an affected client it shows this: "sslvpn FortiSslvpn: 7664: Did not find interface for local_gwy 6721a8c0".


If I quit their Forticlient and re open it using admin credentials, it will work fine for X amount of time, but it will soon hit the same issue.


I have updated all their drivers, ensured all windows 11 updates are installed, the client is up to date, the VPN URL and port is correct. Yet it will still randomly disconnect then continue to disconnect through out the day without warning or reason.


Has anyone faced a similar issue to this before?

I appreciate any input that can be given, thank you very much! :)


Hi @LividLaker,


The error indicates a client issue. Which version of FortiClient is getting disconnected? You can try to install a different version. 



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Hello @hbac 


All programs are deployed and updated via intune, we are on version:


Thank you.

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Hello @LividLaker,



Did you find solution for this problem? I have the same issue with 7.2.3 forticlient.


Hey @KK_PRL 


So far disconnects have calmed right down since deploying 7.2.3, I have done the below to all machines which has since smoothed it all out:


  • Install 7.2.3
  • Uninstall all DELL bloatware / software from both control panel and Installed Apps
  • Uninstall McAfee Personal Security
  • Update Drivers for WLAN, Chipset, LAN and BIOS
  • Clear out Fortinet Client Cookies (just in case)
  • Perform a Disk Clean up in Windows 11.

To mind this is everything I have done so far, and I now have zero tickets on my helpdesk as everyone has had no issues or disconnects quite at least a week or two now.


If I find anything else, I will write back here with my findings.

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