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Forticlient IPSec + IKEv1

Dear all, I´d like to use Forticlient IPSec with Astaro firewall. Unfortunately Astaro uses an old Strongswan version that only supports [strike]IKEv2[/strike] IKEv1. With NCP IPSec secure client I can happily pass phase 1 when IKEv1 is being used. With Forticlient phase 1 fails. So, how can I explicitely enable IKEv1 within Forticlient? The XML configuration guide for Forticlient doesn´t include any option for it. Is IKEv1 supported at all? Thanks


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Qs  confusion:


I believe  FClient does not support IKEv2, so it should be IKEv1 by default. What version of Forticlient are you using ( version and OS  ) ?


Are you  trying to use  IKEv1 or IKEv2 ? If the  Astaro firewall only supports IKEv2 than nothing you can do from the client will work.


if your on a macox or window, you have other choices that can give you IKEv2 ipsec-client access.







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Sorry, my fault.

  • That old version of Strongswan supports IKEv1, only. But it fails with Forticlient, but not with NCP client.[/ul]


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