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Forticlient - Full client installer?

OK I admit it, I am a noob here :) Any idea how I can get the "full client"? Specifically I'm trying to use the "always connected" setting so the client auto-reconnects.  I initially downloaded the client from the public web, but found that was showing the free client warning. I then went to the support portal and downloaded it from there, and reinstalled, but I am still getting the warning.  Is that possibly a remnant of my previous install, or is there really some other process to get the full client? 

thanks in advance for any pointers you can give



I still haven't found any magic here. If anyone has any experience in going from public download to "full version" client, please let me know!

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You have to add a Deployment Package to your FortiClient EMS. There you'll have a Download-Link from your EMS.


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  • FortiClient 6.4.1[/ul]
[ul] - FortiGate Active/Passive Cluster w/ FortiOS v6.2.1 build0932 (GA) - FortiAnalyzer (FAZVM64) v6.4.1-build2072 200615 (GA) - FortiClient EMS 6.4.1 build 1498 - FortiClient 6.4.1[/ul]

Looks like if you downloaded the FortiClient VPN. This only has a non-offline installer and does only VPN.

There also is the full client on the download page above it. It is only always the latest one there.

To get all versions and packages you need to access the download area in the Fortinet Support Portal.


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams
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my client installers are on the EMS Server in the following folder


C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortinet\FortiClientEMS\Clients\Installers\Default 


after the default folder their should be a current version folder with the .exe and msi files within that. 


I just create the Default folder as a shared folder so i can browse to the latest version from each endpoint directly 


thanks for the last few updates. But let me reiterate a few important points - I don't control the vpn and have just been given credentials (and am unlikely to be given any more assistance as we're helping remove one of their clients from their environment); I don't have access to their EMS even if they have one; I only want to be able to save the VPN credentials and use "always up" capability, but the VPN client says "this feature is unavailable in free versions of FortiClient. You can upgrade to the full version of FortiClient to access this feature".


So all I was hoping was someone would point out how to get the installer for the "full version of FortiClient", which the message alludes to. 


I have installed the "VPN" item from the portal, but either that was tainted from my initial install from the public download page, or it's not the "full version" I think we were expecting.... The file list, besides the release notes, are:




so I wonder if the client tools has something to assist, or if the SSO component is what I need as well / instead... again, I'm just wanting to save the credentials and have it always on.





FortiClient VPN is the free VPN only Version without support.

I used it here several times and even this version can export your vpn config.

You just have to click the small lock right top of the windows and answer the UAC Prompt to enable it. Otherwise it will be grayed out.

However passwords are only stored if that is enabled in the config and for unknown reasons there is no gui option for this. If it is stored they may have set that via EMS or manually already.

It will then be exported encrypted.

The only con of this is that Forticlient seems to like to screw encrypted things like passwords or psk between different forticlient versions. I had that quite often.




"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

@sw2090, so are you expecting that there is a setting in there that I can manually adjust? Or a setting I can add to make it work?  If so, do you have any thoughts on what they are?? There is nothing obvious in there from my searching of an exported backup of the config; I can see the UI has the Show AlwaysUp option set to 1, and in the user config section for my specific saved connection state I can see the following entry is set to 1 (but that still doesn't make the connection reconnect when it drops)

<value key="Sslvpn\Tunnels\RE-VPN" name="show_alwaysup" type="4" data="1" />

I can also see two encrypted data fields which I assume are the user ID and the password.  I assume though, that the key part of those config options is the "show" part, the UI reads those and displays the option...


Just to be clear: I can see (and have always been able to do so) the checkbox that says save the password, and the checkbox that says "Always Up" in the UI. When I check the Always Up checkbox, I am presented with the "nice try, but this version doesn't do that" message above.... What I think I need is to get the correct bits installed, so that I can set that option and have the client re-open the VPN if it drops.



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