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Forticlient 7.x on macOS (Ventura) cannot save the VPN configuration

I have installed Forticlient 7.0.7 (but I also tried with 7.0.3 and 7.0.6) and if I try to "Configure VPN" and then save my configuration, it just goes back to the main screen. If I close the client and reopen it, I still see the "accept ToS" screen. It looks like the client is not saving any setting at all.


I have already granted permissions to the whole filesystem to Forticlient, Fortiagent, Fortitray and so forth but no success.


Is there anyone who knows how to fix this issue?





According to the release notes MacOS Ventura (13) should be supported.

Could you please try this to see if the following steps are?

1. Remove FCT from that machine:

Before running the uninstaller make sure you shut down Forticlient completely.
-To shutdown, right-click on FortiClient icon, and select 'shutdown' from the menu.
-Uninstall via uninstaller in the Applications folder.

2. Delete MacOS Fortinet or FortiClient references manually:
If none of them worked, as an alternate: (Forced uninstall)

-Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal
-Mac$ cd /
-Mac$ cd Library/LaunchDaemons
-Mac$ sudo rm -rf com.fortinet.forticlient.*
-Mac$ cd /
-Mac$ cd "Library/Application Support/Fortinet"
-Mac$ sudo rm -R FortiClient
-Reboot Computer




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Hi @pgautam 

Yes I did uninstall, I did clean-up everything manually, too. And I even went as far as disabling SPI, removing the extension manually and re-enabling SPI. 

And then I reinstalled the client. 

And every time I get the same issue. 

I am really starting to lose all my hopes. My best bet is that the electron implementation used in the Forticlient is somehow fighting against something in my system and not working correctly. But I can't do any debugging unless there is a way to enable the javascript console within the Forticlient and observe what is breaking.