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Forticlient ipsec vpn connection connects and then disconnects immediately

Forticlient ipsec vpn connects and then disconnects immediately, not sure what's causing this behaviour.


Does anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue ?

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so change the pool resolved the issue for you ? could you pls share the pool details before and after the change.






Apologize, this action works for a vpn ssl bug.


FOr you Ipsec, try a debug :

diagnose debug enable diagnose vpn ike log-filter clear diagnose debug app ike -1 Can you post the debug return ?


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We have had other issues with ipsec vpn ( name resolution ) where the physical nic's ip is being used instead of vpn ip and a bug has been filed with fix available in forticlient 5.4.1. We decided to move to SSL VPN with DTLS on Forti OS 5.4 but continue to have speed degradation issues and this also seems be a bug which Fortinet Support is currently researching..


it's been a frustrating experience so far .


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