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Fortiap dhcp issue

Am connecting my fortiap directly to fortigate interface (vlan switch) with name of Data and vlan 5, the interface have dhcp sever enabled, and I have created ssid with vlan 5 so it will be on data vlan and assign ip from dhcp server,

I have the fortiap authorized and had an ip from vlan 5 dhcp, but when a client connected to ssid it will not obtain an ip and instead had apipa address, any ideas on how to get it fixed? 


Hi qsosan


Good day! 


According to the issue description, I understand you are having trouble obtaining an IP address from your DHCP server via VLAN5. 


When a DHCP server is unavailable, a machine system is typically assigned an APIPA address. 


Please see the documentation below to perform some dhcp debug commands to diagnose the problem.


Thank you,



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Hello navellano ,


Thanks for your reply ,

DHCP server is available and assigning address , as i mentioned AP itself assigned an ip from same DHCP pool , however client is not assigning an IP . 

I will run some debugs and write it here , 


Hi @qsosan,


Is your SSID in tunnel or bridge mode? Have you set the 'Optional VLAN ID' to 5? 



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Hello hbac ,


Yes its in bridge mode and optional vlan was set to 5 ,

The issue resolved after i had set the vlan on data interface to 0 along with optional vlan on SSID to 0 .


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