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Fortianalyzer not showing logs in Fortiview

Hi All,


Good day...!


We have 2 fortigates which are configured to send all the logs to the FortiAnalyzer. The point is that we dont see any logs in "fortiview and log view", but the device is receiving logs. Its stuck like loading the information


Recently we upgraded Fortianalyzer-1000D from version 5.0 to 5.2.5. After upgrading, logs are not showing in Fortiview even rebuild the SQL database.


Already I tried to format the FA and install the firmware 5.2.5 directly, followed the standard way to rebuild the SQL database on multiple times but no luck. Then I restore the backup logs existing firewall logs. There is no much logs in storage even I given enough time to rebuild like a week.


If anyone knows the solution to resolve this issue? expecting your reply


Fortianalyzer 1000D Info:


Current version : v5.2.5-build3175 160119 (GA) 

Error message in fortiview: "No entry found" 

Error message in log view: "No record found"

Log browse: I can see all the logs which is receiving from firewall

sqllogd services utilizing 100% cpu, all other services normal ( exec top)

Log volume in 7 days: 219.64 MB/day


FortiGate 300D Info:


Current Version: v5.2.5,build701 (GA)

Log setting configured to send the log to Fortianalyzer and local HDD



Sivaguru D

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I took backup from fortianalyzer and then created the ADOM for 5.2, Then I initiated the rebuild sql database and its showing progress as 1%. (last 24 hrs).


Find the below outputs and FIREWALL is newly created ADOM.


FAZ1000D#diagnose sql status rebuild-db

Rebuilding log SQL database has been processed 0%


FAZ1000D# diag dvm adom list

There are currently 12 ADOMs

OID     STATE     PRODUCT     OSVER    MR    NAME              MODE     VPN MANAGEMENT      IPS

219     enabled   FOS              5.0          2       FIREWALL      normal    Central VPN Console    N/A




Am able to see the logs under Log view -> Log Browse -> list of logs ***.log, the type showing Event and Traffic. If I select the anyone of the file *****.log and display then I can able to see the live logs which is today date.


I hope everything going fine and I need to wait for completing the rebuilding process.


Is it do any-other commands need to execute,


Regards, Sguru



Just check if rebuilding database progressing or stuck using the command:

# diag sql status rebuild-db

If stuck you may need to initiate again.



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Didn't know how it works kindly help me up on this matter thank you so much

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I tried in many times, no luck to resolve this issue. Again it shows the same message for the command 


diagnose sql status rebuild-db

Rebuilding log SQL database has been processed 0%


Is it upgrading to 5.4 or latest version will resolve this issue...?






Try to rebuild the database per the following steps: 0 100139590




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