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FortiWifi 60F, FortiAP 221E, Random dropping of iOS devices

Good day. 


I have a FortiWifi 60F, currently running 6.4.6 and a FortiAP 221E running FP221E-v6.4-build0465. Every iPhone used on the WiFi randomly drops the connection. The oldest iPhone is an XR, and all are running iOS 14.x.


I've moved the FortiWifi to an AC only mode, and the FortiAP into N only mode. I've changed channels into channels not being utilized in the area, increased channel width to 40Mhz for the 5Ghz, but nothing is really helping with the dropped WiFi. Sometimes it'll be an hour before it drops, others it will go all night without dropping a signal. 


I could really use some help on troubleshooting this issue, or settings known to fix. Windows devices, Mac's, and Android devices do not seem to be affected by the drops. It happens just to the iOS devices (which pretty much everyone here has). 


Thank you for your time. 



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Hello Chris,

As per your query can you please confirm and check that the IOS devices which are having issues get disconnected when they are connected to SSID broadcast by local radio or does it get disconnected when it is connected to the SSID broadcast by the FortiAP?

As a quick test can you create a new SSID and add it only to the FortiAP profile and have it tested. Also, disable the AP handoff on the profile during the test.

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