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Good day. I have a FortiWifi 60F, currently running 6.4.6 and a FortiAP 221E running FP221E-v6.4-build0465. Every iPhone used on the WiFi randomly drops the connection. The oldest iPhone is an XR, and all are running iOS 14.x. I've moved the FortiWif...
I have a client that refuses to spend the $20 for a static IP through Comcast and they want me to install a fortigate 60f in their home office. I’ve set the Comcast XB-7T gateway device to bridge mode, but the Fortigate is not pulling an IP address w...
Fortigate 60F Setting up a new IPsec VPN. Phase 1 matches but I am still getting a "AUTHENTICATION_FAILED" error. Please. Any assistance would be great. Here is my debug:ike 0:VPN1: schedule auto-negotiateike 0:VPN1: auto-negotiate connectionike 0:VP...